Is Country Cool Again? Lainey Wilson Has the Answer in Her New Single

Lainey Wilson

Louisiana-born singer Lainey Wilson is starting 2024 with her first new track since her 2022 chart-topper, “Bell Bottom Country.” “Country’s Cool Again” is an uplifting country-rock song about Wilson’s Southern roots and rise to fame, released on February 16th before her Australian tour.

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The autobiographical song, co-written with Wilson’s frequent collaborators and produced by Grammy winner Jay Joyce, bridges elements of rock, Americana, and country into a Southern groove. It reflects Wilson’s small-town upbringing and “the Southern way of life” that shaped her musical passion. As Wilson explains, “‘This track is an ode to my upbringing and the story of my journey in this industry—where I have been and where I am now.'”

Wilson’s 2023 tour included a memorable performance of “Country’s Cool Again” at Red Rocks in September. Wilson’s release follows her five CMA Awards, including Entertainer of the Year, and the 2023 Grammy for Best Country Album for “Bell Bottom Country.” She is the first female artist in almost a decade to do this.

Wilson has credited fans for embracing her brand of “Bell Bottom Country” and its mix of 70s country rock and modern twang. As she told the Los Angeles Times last year, “I feel like country music is having a renaissance right now, getting back to the basics of great songs and big choruses.” She brings that spirit to Aussie crowds next month before returning for a February performance at the People’s Choice Awards.

While details are still under wraps, “Country’s Cool Again” is expected to celebrate Wilson’s rise as an unconventional country star. Based on her Red Rocks debut, we can anticipate an empowering chorus primed for a stadium singalong and vocals showcasing her signature country rasp over layers of fiddle and steel guitar. Expect plenty of “Bell Bottom flair” with groovy electric licks and Wilson’s rapid-fire Louisiana twang.

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Most importantly, Wilson’s first single of 2024 proves that country music is thriving with new voices. Streaming numbers and sold-out shows demonstrate Wilson’s leadership in breaking barriers and fusing fresh sounds. Indeed, Lainey and her hippie-cowgirl style have sparked a movement to usher country music back into the mainstream.

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Judging by fan fervor, “Country’s Cool Again” could burn up the charts this spring, potentially coinciding with more Grammy wins. Through it all, Wilson remains true to her songwriting roots and Southern authenticity. As she declares, “This past year has been a wild ride and truly shown me that country music is loving me back.” We agree, and with anthems like her latest, Lainey Wilson is sure to keep folks falling in love with the country’s cool comeback.

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