“My Hero” is an emotional tribute by Dave Grohl in honor of Steve Albini.


Dave Grohl performed a forceful rendition of “My Hero” at his recent concert in North Carolina as a tribute to the life and legacy of Steve Albini. On May 7th, Albini, a renowned music engineer and producer who collaborated with groundbreaking groups such as Nirvana and Pixies, passed away unceremoniously at the age of 61.

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Grohl dedicates “My Hero” to Steve Albini.
During the “Everything or Nothing At All” performance by the Foo Fighters, Grohl paused to honor his longstanding friend and creative influence. “Tonight, I would like to dedicate this song to a friend that we lost the other day,” he said, addressing the audience. He abandoned us far too quickly. Surely, he has had an impact on each of you. “I am referring to Steve Albini.”

In addition, he stated, “Those of you who are aware are aware.” Simply retain the following name in your memory: Steve Albini. “For him, let us sing this one.”

The moving performance of “My Hero” functioned as a potent homage to Albini’s extraordinary prowess and influence within the realm of music.

Dave Grohl commends the integrity of Steve Albini.
Grohl had previously conveyed his profound reverence for Albini. During a 2015 interview with BBC 6 Music, he expressed admiration for Albini’s steadfast artistic vision and ethical principles, remarking, “He was the most astute and sardonic music critic, producer, band leader, and commentator; everyone feared him. He is simply more intelligent, humorous, and proficient in every aspect than any other individual on the planet.”

Grohl further stated, “He is unmatched… He serves as an exemplary figure not only for musicians but also for the industry as a whole, demonstrating how to think beyond traditional business practices. He is committed to engaging in authentic and enthusiastic endeavors, and his integrity remains steadfast.

The Full Impact of Albini on Music
Apart from his distinguished career as an audio engineer and producer, Albini also gained renown as a musician. Numerous musicians, including Joanna Newsom and Damon Locks, have expressed their sorrow over his passing by praising his enormous talent and enduring influence in the music industry.

Dave Grohl’s heartfelt homage to Steve Albini guaranteed that his extraordinary legacy would perpetually motivate and shape subsequent cohorts of musicians.

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