AURORA: Invisible Wounds Chords 

Key:  E,   
Capo: 4th Fret,
BPM: 185

[Verse 1]
I squeeze into the
small holes
Csus2 Through the eyes of needles G To stitch you up again Even though I know so well C I can't fix anything
[Verse 2] C I look for blood to shed Csus2 Mistaking every vein

for thread
G Spreading out too thin As I'm lying in my bed C Barely existing
[Chorus] F And I need you Am And I need you C To understand C To understand
[Verse 3] C Sometimes I see light Csus2 And I fear it's only fantasy G Oh wouldn't it be tragic If there is no light in me C Not any magic
[Chorus] F And I need you Am To forgive me C If you can C If you can
[Verse 4] C I know the best I can Csus2 Isn't always good enough G It hurts to know I hurt you Like I know it hurts for you C To know you've hurt me
[Verse 5] C And now my blood is yours Csus2 And life is slowly losing touch G How do we learn to tend to These invisible wounds C Our homes gave us
[Chorus] F I can't heal you Am And you can't heal me C Even if we wanted to C And how I wanted to
[Chorus] F And I need you Am To stop needing me C Like I've needed you C We both need to C Tend to the invisible wounds

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