The new Collab Between beabadoobee and Laufey is “A Night To Remember”

A Night To Remeber

Rising pop stars Beabadoobee and Laufey have teamed up for a sultry new single titled “A Night to Remember.” Today, October 20, 2023, saw the track’s official release thanks to Jacob Bugden and Spencer Stewart.

“A Night to Remember” marks the first musical collaboration between English singer-songwriter beabadoobee and Icelandic-Chinese vocalist Laufey. The two artists connected earlier this year and discovered they had natural musical chemistry. As beabadoobee explained, “Laufey is a great fit for this sound and we had started hanging out in London, so we got in the studio together to work on music and try ideas with my producer Jacob.”

Lyrically, “A Night to Remember” explores romance and intimacy from a female perspective. As Laufey stated, “There are so many songs about being rejected as a woman, and this song is about being on the other side of the coin—having one great night, then walking away. Reclaiming the narrative!”

Sonically, the track mixes beabadoobee’s indie rock sound with Laufey’s jazz and classical influences. Beabadoobee said she had been “writing with a lot of different rhythms recently, also with strings and nods to more classical sounds.” Laufey added that the song is “a true marriage of my and Bea’s sonic worlds.”

“A Night To Remember” arrives on the heels of beabadoobee’s second studio album, Beatopia, released in August 2022. She is currently on a world tour in support of the album. Meanwhile, Laufey has been riding high on the success of her 2022 breakout hit, “Everything I Know About Love.”

Fans are already raving about the smooth, sultry vibe of “A Night to Remember” and its powerful message of female empowerment. With two of pop’s fastest-rising talents teaming up, this new single is undoubtedly a collaboration to remember.

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